- Testimonials -

Being a first time mom, I thought breast feeding would come naturally. For me personally I found it to be the most challenging. I did try to take advantage of the lactation consultants at the hospital; but I was tired from the delivery and I saw a different one every time, which made it difficult to see my progress. By the time I left the hospital my nipples were cracked and bleeding. I felt guilty because the last thing I wanted to do was breast feed my son because of the anticipated pain. With Amita's assistance I not only had a pain free breastfeeding session but my first breastfeeding bonding experience with my son. She was very knowledgable and didn't hesitate to answer questions by phone. She also made me feel very comfortable at home visits. She's now helping me with a pumping schedule for work, customized just for me. Its comforting to know that I now have the confidence to go back to work. I'm very grateful to Amita for her assistance in giving my son Emilio the best source of nutrition.

- Celina on 08/16/2013

My session with Amita Graham was amazingly helpful beyond anything I could have dreamed of. I called Amita about 5 days after my daughter Alex was born because nursing had become excruciatingly painful and each nursing session was taking forever. For the last day and a half I had resorted to pumping and bottle-feeding to give my sore, cracked nipples a desperately needed break. Despite having several consultations with nursing consultants at the hospital where Alex was born, and additional tutorials from the nurses there, there was still a lot I needed to learn. When I called Amita she told me that she would help me to nurse pain free the next day!! I was hopeful, but doubtful, because I didn’t know anyone who didn’t go through at least 2 weeks of very painful nursing. To my very pleasant surprise, thanks to Amita’s extensive knowledge and skill with both me and Alex (whose suckling patterns were the original source of my pain), I did nurse pain free that next day. It felt miraculous. Within one consultation Amita provided Alex and me with all of the information and tools necessary to nurse comfortably and efficiently. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone with a newborn.

- Lizzy on 08/06/2013

I have nothing but pure respect and admiration for Amita’s skills and knowledge. From day one of filling out the intake forms, to perfecting our latch, to our most recent conversation about breastfeeding, it is evident she has a true passion for the art of breastfeeding. We had some speed bumps when baby Eric arrived. With a C-section we were thrust into the medical system way of birthing. In light of an overwhelming situation, Amita helped me stay focused and have a successful connection with my newborn. If Amita hadn’t been there my babies 1st food would have been sugar water instead of the essentially valuable colostrum! When Eric lost weight, like newborns typically do, we pumped and supplemented at the breast keeping my baby nursing and protecting my milk supply. Amita helped guide me through all the confusion and judgmental attitudes about breastfeeding. As the days progressed, we were up and down with latching, there were days I felt very defeated. I get it when some women don’t breastfeed. But with my determination and Amita’s wisdom we did it and baby Eric now 8 months old, has been in the 95th percentile since he was 2 months!!! I am forever grateful for her taking this path in life.

- Traci on 07/24/2013

I do not know what I would have done without Amita. To say she was my savior would be an understatement. I became a doula to prepare for my own pregnancy. I assumed and planned on breast feeding till 3 at least without a second thought. It was devastating for me when I struggled with a supply problem. I had already seen 2 lactation consultants and gone to the hospital groups. Amita was actually an old friend I did not even know she was a lactation consultant. She came and set me on the path I needed to be on. She has extensive knowledge and knew right away what the problem was and helped me to fix it. She went above and beyond. She helped me to find the supplies I needed. She helped me to find my own courage and to relax at a time when I felt like I had failed at something I thought I would never fail at. She truly helped to form the bond I needed to have with my daughter. She helped me to increase my supply and to also except where my body was at. And her encouragement helped me to keep going when I really thought I wanted to give up. She has such a kind and gentle spirit combined with the right amount of you can do this firmness. I am still nursing my 3 year old and I thank Amita for that. I would recommend her to anyone. I hope she is around when my daughter has children.

- Lauren on 08/07/2012

I have had the great pleasure of working with Amita on two of my most important occasions in life.

My first born, Cyrus, was delivered by emergency C-section at 41 weeks post due. When I began breastfeeding him in the hospital he took to it like a champ. Amita was my Lactation Consultant and provided great support and encouragement. She expressed that I could contact her at ANY time for additional needs or concerns and thank goodness she offered. When Cyrus and I arrived home, for two hard weeks he started to have a hard time latching on. I experienced sore and cracked nipples and cried almost every time I needed to feed him.

I called Amita on NUMEROUS occasions at all hours of the day and her calm and reassuring nature gave me strength to know that we could get through the painful hump. We did, and it felt victorious, and I couldn’t have done it without her. Amita’s professionalism and knowledge combined with her sweet nature was so endearing; it was the exact support and love that I needed.

My second born, Elijah, was delivered by V-BAC at 38 weeks pre term in a very unique way. I had become paralyzed from the waist down during his pregnancy due to an accident and Amita was my Doula and Lactation Consultant. During my labor we experienced an eye opening delivery. As a Doula myself, I was so impressed at how my body and baby did all the work while in a “relaxed” state.

Amita helped in so many ways as we tried to birth in different positions and keep the energy in the room at a calm and even level. I had an intense fever during the process and Amita did a great job keeping me comfortable, she even helped clear the room so I could rest and meditate. She backed-up all of my decisions and also provided much needed feedback. Her continued support after the birth was perfect and insightful and to this day I consider her a dear friend.

- April on 05/25/2012

My son, Kamilo, was born at 36 weeks by emergency C-section.

One of my greatest concerns after the birth was being able to breast feed. Kamilo was very small and had difficulties latching on. Amita conducted a home visit and helped give me the confidence to breastfeed successfully. She was creative and very thorough in her approach. She followed-up on several occasions to make sure things were going smoothly. Now Kamilo is a year old and still thriving on breast milk. Amita is truly dedicated to the art of breastfeeding!

- Holly on 05/18/2012